River Wensum, Taverham-Drayton

Booking Display Car Permit
Guests See Permit documentation for details
Children Allowed Under 16s welcome to fish
Open 16 Jun - 14 Mar
COVID-19 restrictions apply please keep up-to-date with Angling Trust guidance.

NUAC have shared access to two stretches of the River Wensum at Drayton. The main stretch is along the northern bank of the river between Taverham and Costessey and is referenced below as the Farm Stretch. The second stretch is on the southern bank opposite Drayton Low Road and is referenced below as the Bungalow Stretch.

Access to these stretches of river must be booked in advance (see booking instructions).

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the venue rules as stated below before visiting.

Access to the Farm Stretch entails a 300m walk to access the upper reach and a 400m walk to access the lower reach. The upper reach extends 800m upstream of the access path and 550m downstream. The lower reach extends 550m upstream of the access path and 750m downstream. This stretch of river runs through grazed fields so walking the bank isn't a problem.

Access to the Bungalow Stretch entails a relatively short walk of 150m to reach the river, although the terrain may be difficult depending on time of year as access is through set-aside land. The river is fringed by reeds most of the 750m length so be careful when getting into a fishable position.

Given the nature of both river stretches recommend you travel light and be prepared to rove along the river to locate the fish.

Any breach of the following rules will be taken very seriously by the committee and may result in expulsion from the club.

  1. Members must present a current NUAC permit when requested to do so.
  2. Members must hold the appropriate Environment Agency Licence(s) before fishing.
  3. No night fishing. Earliest arrival dawn/latest departure dusk. Please, arrive and leave quietly.
  4. Vehicles must be parked sensibly in car parks indicated in map below. Please do not block access to fields, farm buildings or other entrances.
  5. Please display your NUAC car parking permit when you park your car.
  6. Please leave gates as you find them and do not interfere with the livestock.
  7. No trespassing, please keep to river bank as marked on the map below and do not stray beyond field boundaries indicated.
  8. After every session all members must clear the ground of litter even if that litter was not left by them.
  9. All members are expected to be polite to other river and bank users at all times.
  10. No tree or shrub cutting.
  11. No dogs to be taken onto the banks by anglers.
  1. Only 2 advance bookings can be in place at any one time for any member.
  2. If asked for a ticket, please present your NUAC membership card.
  3. Please ensure you have read the relevant fishery rules before fishing.

To book your visit, please send an e-mail to bookings@nuac.org.uk.

Please state your required date(s), time and venue e.g. Wensum.

Please also provide a contact number so that we can speak to you if necessary.

Thank You.

Directions to Venue

Sat Nav NR8 6HD

Two access points off Costessey Lane, Drayton about 5 miles NW of Norwich.

Leave Norwich along the A1067 towards to Taverham.
At Drayton take the first left just after the traffic lights (before the petrol station) onto Costessey Lane.

Follow Costessey Lane for 0.6 miles and as road bears sharp left take right turn into Mack's Lane.
Follow Mack's Lane and as lane bears right turn left into Mack's farm.
If you wish to access upper reach of river then bear right in farm yard and park next to the 2 silos or beside farmhouse garden fence. Walk downhill between barn & silos to footpath along field boundary to access river.
If you wish to access lower reach then keep left, barns on your right & hedge on your left, and follow track to end.
Park at top of either field at end of track ensuring you are not obstructing access and follow footpath to the south, between the 2 fields, leading down the hill to access the river.

Follow Costessey Lane for 0.9 miles and at Costessey Mill take next left and keep left of buildings to gated "private roadway".
Open and close gate behind you onto the "private roadway".
Follow track, under bridge carrying Marriott's Way, until you reach the end.
Park in grass next to trees, derelict bungalow is off to your left, ensuring farm vehicle access is not restricted.