Bigwood Fisheries, Witton

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Available to book from Sunday 16 June 2024


NUAC has an association with Bigwood Fisheries which grants our members access to both lakes at this fishery. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Rules before visiting. Access must be booked in advance as per booking instructions stated below.

Entry to the fishery is via a locked gate, you will be given the gate code when you book (please do not share, this code is regularly updated).

For further information on these lakes, please refer to Bigwood Fisheries.

Island Lake

Island Lake at Bigwood Fisheries

The island lake has been stocked over the years with Carp up to 16lb, these fish are now into the twenties. There is a good head of Carp around 8-12lb so a double figure fish is not too hard to come by. The lake also contains some decent Tench which are a natural stocking and have been present in the lake for decades so the true size remains to be seen.

Big Lake

Big Lake at Bigwood Fisheries

This mixed coarse lake has been stocked with Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, several large Carp and Gudgeon to complement the existing natural stock that included a good head of large Pike into double figures, with fish just shy of twenty being reported, and Perch. This provides a wonderful unknown element as to what this old estate lake truly contains.


NUAC access is by arrangement with Bigwood Fisheries and as part of this arrangement the following rules MUST be followed;

  1. NUAC member must have pre-booked their day’s fishing as per booking instructions below.

  2. NUAC Guest tickets are not permitted (Membership and Day tickets for Bigwood Fisheries are available).

  3. Fishing from dawn to dusk only, no night fishing.

  4. Please ensure that you have your NUAC membership card when fishing; Bigwood’s bailiffs will ask anyone who cannot produce a card to leave the site.

  5. Please display your NUAC car parking permit when you park your car.

  6. Members must adhere to the fishery rules as stated below;

Fishery Rules


  1. Bailiffs reserve the right to ask for any rod to be retrieved to inspect rig at any time.

  2. Barbless or Micro barbed hooks.

  3. No fixed leads or lead core (we would recommend tubing).

  4. No curve shank bent hook rigs.

  5. 5lb minimum breaking strain main line on island lake.


  1. No home prepped particles only shop bought to be used in moderation.

  2. No nuts.

  3. No live baiting.

Pike fishing

  1. Pike fishing from 1st October – 31st March.

  2. No Live Baiting.

  3. Wire traces or leaders with a minimum diameter of 0.7mm must be used.

  4. Braided Mainline is acceptable for Pike only.

  5. Semi Barbed Trebles.

  6. 36” Landing Net or Pike Spoon to be used.

Angling etiquette

  1. Mobile phones to be kept on low volume or silent.

  2. Bite indicator’s volume to be kept as low as practical.

  3. Rods in water not to be left unattended.

  4. Please do not fish between swims.

  5. All anglers must be in possession of an unhooking mat and disgorger.

  6. Fish to be weighed must be weighed in a sling, unhooking mat or suitable landing net only.

  7. Anyone found killing or removing fish will be prosecuted.

  8. All litter to be taken home.

  9. No sacking of fish.

  10. No carp to be kept in keepnets.

  11. Only dry nets to be brought on site, net dip will be supplied in times of high disease risk.

  12. No dogs.

  13. Membership of Bigwood Fisheries plus day ticket gives you access to the lakes for fishing all other areas are out of bounds.

Bigwood Fisheries entrust you to use common sense and help to preserve the future of the fishery but above all we hope you enjoy your day.


Booking Rules

  1. Only 2 advance bookings can be in place at any one time for any member. Either two separate days or one consecutive two-day period. Anyone making a consecutive two-day booking cannot return to the same venue within 24 hours.
  2. Whole day booking is from 08:00 on the first day to 08:00 on the following day. This enables overnight fishing on those venues where night fishing is allowed.
  3. If you are only planning a part day, please state the approximate period you would be on the water. For example if you were just going for the morning, we might be able to release the ticket to someone else who fancies going for the afternoon.
  4. Please ensure you have read the relevant fishery rules before booking.

Booking Instructions

To book your place, please send an e-mail to

Please state your required date(s), time and venue e.g. Bigwood.

Please also provide a contact number so that we can speak to you if necessary.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice (from the start of your booking), we cannot guarantee your booking will be processed otherwise

A booking is not completed UNTIL you receive a confirmation email

Please note that there are only 2 tickets available per day.

Bookings on this venue are limited to a maximum of 15 per member.

Thank You.


Directions to Venue

Sat Nav NR13 5DL

Located near Witton, about 7 miles E from the centre of Norwich.

  • From Norwich take the A47 for Great Yarmouth.
  • After the Postwick hub turn left, sign-posted to Gt Plumstead, onto Church Road.
  • Take the next right into Witton Lane (sign-posted to Witton).
  • At the T-junction turn left onto Witton Lane.
  • Follow Witton Lane for a 0.5 of a mile after open fields you will see the start of a wood, the entrance to the fishery is on the right through a wooden gate.
  • The gate has a 'police aware' notice on it and is likely to be padlocked - you will be given the code for the lock when you book your visit.