Trinity Broads, Filby

Booking Display Car Permit
Guests See Permit documentation for details
Children Allowed Under 16s welcome to fish please ensure they wear a buoyancy aid
Boat Fishing Open 16 Jun - 14 Mar

Killer shrimp found in Trinity Broads please familiarise yourself with the Check, Clean, Dry guidance

Fishing on the Trinity Broads is via boat only and this must be booked in advance as per the booking instructions below.

The Trinity Broads consist of five broads; from north to south there is Ormesby Broad then Rollesby Broad (these two are separated by A149 road bridge), Rollesby Broad, Lily Broad, Ormesby Little Broad and Filby Broad (these latter two are intersected by A1064 road bridge). At the southern extent of Filby Broad the water channels into Muck Fleet dyke and ultimately flows into the River Bure.

These broads contain pike, perch, bream, roach, rudd and tench with the system noted for it's large pike and prolific shoals of bream. The broads, given their remote and undisturbed nature, are also a haven for wildlife such as marsh harrier and bittern.

The boat is moored at the south west corner of Ormesby Little Broad (see the Location section below).

To the south of the mooring under the road bridge leads onto Filby Broad. This channel can be very shallow in the summer and occasionally reedy although still passable.
To the north; bearing to the right from the mooring takes you to the main arm of Ormesby Little Broad heading up to Eel's Foot Inn. Or bearing left from the mooring leads onto Rollesby Broad. Lily Broad can be accessed just past the narrows going up to Rollesby - very difficult to get through sometimes. A nice, interesting little broad.

For first-timers on this group of waters we recommend getting familiar with Ormesby Little Broad first (not that it's that little anyway!) before venturing onto the other broads.

We look to keep the boat at the end of the jetty, left hand side, it's usually the last but one.

Committee Members will try to check the boat from time to time, if not using it themselves, but in the main we rely on members ensuring all oars and bailers are secured after use. They will "walk" and be unavailable for the next use, otherwise.

Please ensure the padlock chain is through the ring in the bows, through the eyes on each oar handle, and through the handle of any bailers. To keep oars from rotting, ensure these are left across the benches, not in the bottom of the boat. The piece of carpet for bottom of boat should be secured under the middle seat using the bungee straps provided. For an example of the boat layout described here please see the relevant picture in the Image Gallery below.

You can use your own electric motor (As this broad is classed a Site of Special Scientific Interest petrol/diesel motors are prohibited).

Padlock combination will be confirmed on booking (instructions in following section).

Any feedback or issues regards the boat, please send an email to

Killer shrimp is present in the Trinity Broads. Killer shrimp is so called due to its voracious habits: eating or killing any of our native invertebrates small enough to be prey. Growing to 3cm long, adults will feed on fish eggs and fry as well.

To minimise the spread of non-native species please follow the Check, Clean, Dry guidance:

  • Check your gear after leaving the water for mud, aquatic animals or plant material. Remove anything you find and leave it at the site.
  • Clean everything thoroughly as soon as you can, paying attention to nets, waders, and areas that are damp and hard to access. Use hot water if possible.
  • Dry everything for as long as possible before using elsewhere as some invasive plants and animals can survive for two weeks in damp conditions.

When you use a NUAC boat / punt, please ensure that you have adequate personal buoyancy aids - your safety is your own responsibility.

  1. Only 2 advance bookings can be in place at any one time for any member. Either two separate days or one consecutive two-day period. Anyone making a consecutive two-day booking cannot return to the same venue within 24 hours.
  2. Whole day booking is from 08:00 on the first day to 08:00 on the following day. This enables overnight fishing on those venues where night fishing is allowed.
  3. If you are only planning a part day, please state the approximate period you would be on the water. For example if you were just going for the morning, we might be able to release the ticket to someone else who fancies going for the afternoon.
  4. Please ensure you have read the relevant fishery rules before booking.

To book your place, please send an e-mail to

Please state your required date(s), time and venue e.g. Filby Boat.

Please also provide a contact number so that we can speak to you if necessary.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice (from the start of your booking), we cannot guarantee your booking will be processed otherwise

A booking is not completed UNTIL you receive a confirmation email

Thank You.

Directions to Venue

Sat Nav NR29 3AA

Located at Filby, about 17 miles E from the centre of Norwich.

From Norwich take the A47 towards Great Yarmouth.
At the Acle roundabout, take the second exit for A1064, signposted Caister On Sea.
Follow A1064 for approximately 5 miles.
After Filby Bridge, broads are visible left & right, turn left into Bridge Restaurant.
Park close to the boats.