Hall Walk Lakes, Lenwade

Booking Display Car Permit No Guests

The following waters at Hall Walk Lakes are available to NUAC members for Day Fishing Only. Access must be booked in advance as per booking instructions stated below.

For further information on these lakes, please refer to the Hall Walk Lakes website.

Puppy Lake

Puppy Lake is just under 2 acres with an island and 12 swims. The water is accessed from the car park at the far end of the access track. A shallow water with only 3' - 4' at the end nearest the track it deepens to 5'+ at the far end.

This was stocked in March 2008 with 116 quality English scaley carp averaging about 8.5 lbs. As of 2017 these fish are now in the 15 - 20 lbs range. Although it was only stocked with carp the lake is teeming with roach and rudd that can prove troublesome when using soft hook baits.

Long Lake

This 2.5 acre lake is the first lake to the left of the Hall Walk access track. It has an island and two large reed beds at the far end of the lake and provides 15 swims, with depths between 3' - 6'.

This is a true mixed fishery with an original stock of roach, rudd, pike, perch and a few tench & eels. In February 2009 the existing stock was supplemented with approx 90 bream plus an additional 300 lbs of silver fish, another 20 tench and a further stocking of 430 small carp of around 14 oz.

Tom's Lake

NUAC members have access to Tom’s Lake for Pike Fishing from 1st November - 28th February.

This lake is the largest of the three on the complex at approx. 9 acres. A mature gravel pit containing many interesting features with islands, reed beds, gravel bars and lilies. It boasts great winter pike fishing with specimens weighing in at well over 20lb.

NUAC access to Hall Walk Lakes is via arrangement with the owner and as part of this arrangement the following rules MUST be followed;

  1. NUAC member must have pre-booked day's fishing as per booking instructions below.
  2. NUAC Guest tickets are not permitted (you must be a full member to access these lakes).
  3. Members must adhere to the fishery rules.
  4. During your visit you are classed as a Hall Walk "Silver" Member, please present your NUAC membership card as proof of membership.
  5. Please display your NUAC car parking permit when you park your car.
  6. NUAC member can fish dawn to dusk, you are not permitted to night fish.
  1. Only 2 advance bookings can be in place at any one time for any member. Either two separate days or one consecutive two-day period. Anyone making a consecutive two-day booking cannot return to the same venue within 24 hours.
  2. Whole day booking is from 08:00 on the first day to 08:00 on the following day. This enables overnight fishing on those venues where night fishing is allowed.
  3. If you are only planning a part day, please state the approximate period you would be on the water. For example if you were just going for the morning, we might be able to release the ticket to someone else who fancies going for the afternoon.
  4. Please ensure you have read the fishery rules before booking.

To book your place, please send an e-mail to bookings@nuac.org.uk.

Please state your required date(s), time and venue e.g. Hall Walk Puppy/Long.

Please also provide a contact number so that we can speak to you if necessary.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice (from the start of your booking), we cannot guarantee your booking will be processed otherwise

A booking is not completed UNTIL you receive a confirmation email

Please note that there are only 2 tickets available per day.

Bookings on this venue are limited to a maximum of 15 per member.

Thank You.

Directions to Venue

Sat Nav NR9 5QG

Located at the end of Hall Walk, Lenwade, about 12 miles NW from the centre of Norwich.

From Norwich outer ring road follow the A1067, Drayton High Road, signposted for Fakenham.
Follow the A1067 through Taverham and on to Lenwade.
At Lenwade keep on the main road and cross river bridge (just after 30mph zone starts).
Go past the Bridge Inn on the right hand side.
After the small village chapel on the right hand side, turn right into Hall Walk.
Follow the Hall Walk to the lakes, watch out as it's a bit bumpy.