Taverham Mills Fishery, Taverham Mills

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NUAC has an association with Taverham Mills Fishery which grants our members access to Costessey No.1 Lake and their stretch of the River Wensum. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Rules before visiting. Access must be booked in advance as per booking instructions stated below.

Entry to the River and Lake is via a locked gate, you will be given the gate code when you book (please do not share, this code is regularly updated).

The Visitor Centre has toilet facilities and provides refreshments (see website for opening times). There is also a tackle shop that caters for everything you need for a day’s fishing including brands such as Korda, Solar, Nash, Gardner and Sticky Baits.

River Wensum

River Wensum at Taverham Mills

This ¾ mile stretch of the beautiful River Wensum includes two weir pools as well as deep pools, shallow gravel runs, lilies, reeds and snaggy stretches. Anglers of all abilities can fish for chub, which are in large numbers weighing in at 3-5lb, dace, roach, perch, pike and possibly a small barbel.

Costessey No.1 Lake

Costessey No.1 Lake at Taverham Mills

This three-acre lake provides plenty of silver fish sport and is ideal for those new to fishing. Please fish from the marked swims only, 5 adjacent to the access road and 4 on the far bank. No pole fishing from peg 1 due to the overhead power lines. Along with the roach, rudd and perch there is a large shoal of bream (up to 12lb) and pike into double figures.


NUAC access is by arrangement with Taverham Mills Fishery and as part of this arrangement the following rules MUST be followed;

  1. NUAC member must have pre-booked their day’s fishing as per booking instructions below.

  2. NUAC Guest tickets are not permitted (Day tickets for Costessey No.1 Lake can be purchased in advance from the Visitor Centre or online).

  3. Members must carry their NUAC membership card and EA rod licence at all times, and show them upon request.

  4. Please display your NUAC car parking permit when you park your car in the designated car parks (as indicated on the map below).

  5. NUAC member is only entitled to fishing on the River Wensum and Costessey No.1 Lake, no fishing on any other lakes associated with Taverham Mills Fishery.

  6. Members must adhere to the fishery rules as stated below

Fishery Rules

Fishery Number 01603 861014

  1. If you are unsure of any rules and regulations, please speak to an AW Staff Member first.

  2. River and Costessey No.1 Lake Permit holders are allowed a maximum of 2 Rods.

  3. Dawn to Dusk fishing only.

  4. No rods to be left unattended.

  5. Anglers are expected to look after their catch to the highest standards, whether large or small. Fish care to be used where required.

  6. No keepnets.

  7. Please use the net dip bin provided at Costessey No.1 Lake (on access track between pegs 1 & 2).

  8. You must use a padded unhooking mat.

  9. All fish must be returned alive and unharmed.

  10. Retention of fish for photos and weighing for a maximum of 30 minutes. Any longer, then permission from the bailiffs required.

  11. No standing holding fish for photos. Kneel over the unhooking mat.

  12. Don’t leave tackle in snags/trees – if it does happen, please report it to the fishery.

  13. Rigs/kit/luggage might be checked from time to time.

  14. Safe rigs are a prerequisite. No Fixed leads. Please ask for help on rig construction if unsure.

  15. Micro Barbed / barbed hooks preferred.

  16. Particles bought from the onsite tackle shop ONLY.

  17. Keep noise to a minimum.

  18. Be considerate to other users of the reserve, including the wildlife.

  19. No bait boats.

  20. No drones.

  21. No tree climbing.

  22. Wading is permitted but be courteous to others fishing. Swimming is not permitted.

  23. Please respect the environment and take your little home. If litter is left in your swim, whether yours or not, you will be banned.

  24. No open fires, raised BBQs are acceptable.

Pike Fishing

  1. Pike fishing on the river from 1st October – 14th March.

  2. Pike fishing on Costessey No.1 Lake from 1st October – 31st March.

  3. No Live Baiting.

  4. Wire traces or leaders with a minimum diameter of 0.7mm must be used.

  5. Braided Mainline is acceptable for Pike only.

  6. Semi Barbed Trebles.

  7. 36” Landing Net or Pike Spoon to be used.


Booking Rules

  1. Only 2 advance bookings can be in place at any one time for any member. Either two separate days or one consecutive two-day period. Anyone making a consecutive two-day booking cannot return to the same venue within 24 hours.
  2. Whole day booking is from 08:00 on the first day to 08:00 on the following day. This enables overnight fishing on those venues where night fishing is allowed.
  3. If you are only planning a part day, please state the approximate period you would be on the water. For example if you were just going for the morning, we might be able to release the ticket to someone else who fancies going for the afternoon.
  4. Please ensure you have read the relevant fishery rules before booking.

Booking Instructions

To book your place, please send an e-mail to bookings@nuac.org.uk.

Please state your required date(s), time and venue e.g. TMF River, TMF Lake.

Please also provide a contact number so that we can speak to you if necessary.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice (from the start of your booking), we cannot guarantee your booking will be processed otherwise

A booking is not completed UNTIL you receive a confirmation email

Please note that there are 4 tickets available per day; 2 on the Lake and 2 on the River.

Thank You.


Directions to Venue

Sat Nav NR8 6TA

Located in the grounds of Anglian Water’s Taverham Mills Water Park, about 8 miles NW from the centre of Norwich.

  • From Norwich outer ring road follow the A1067, Drayton High Road, signposted for Fakenham.
  • At Taverham bear left, after petrol station, onto Taverham Road.
  • At roundabout, take first left for Costessey Road.
  • After 30 yards turn right onto private road signposted for Taverham Mills Water Park.
  • Keep left on private road and park behind Visitor Centre in the designated Car Park.
Sat Nav NR8 5BE

Located at the northern end of Taverham Lane, about 8 miles NW from the centre of Norwich.

  • From Norwich outer ring road follow the A1067, Drayton High Road, signposted for Fakenham.
  • At Taverham bear left, after petrol station, onto Taverham Road.
  • At roundabout, take first left for Costessey Road.
  • Follow Costessey Road/Taverham Lane for approximately 600 yards (a third of a mile).
  • After Wensum Self Storage, take next left onto gated road (access to Ski Pit syndicate car park immediately on right).