Bridge Inn, Lenwade

Booking Display Car Permit No Guests Day Ticket
Children Allowed Under 16s welcome to fish
COVID-19 restrictions apply please follow Angling Trust guidance.

The following waters at the Bridge Inn are available to NUAC members but access must be booked in advance as per booking instructions stated below.

Please adhere to the venue rules and please note that NUAC guests must purchase a Day Ticket, available from the Bridge Inn.

For further information on these lakes please refer to their Facebook page.

Main Lake

This is a mature gravel pit of approximately 5 acres in size with 36 swims and is full of features such as an island, gravel bars & lilies all of which offer the perfect environment for our fish. The lake is mainly stocked with carp and tench, with the carp averaging 15lbs+ and the tench 5lbs+ and it is also home to many other species and is a magnet for wildlife.

Match Lake

A small match/pleasure pond with canal arm towards the river, heavily stocked with a mix of roach, rudd, skimmers, perch, carp, tench and even a few crucians. With depths of only 3ft max this makes it ideal for youngsters to learn our sport.

River Wensum

The Bridge Inn also provide access to a wonderful stretch of the river Wensum where you can fish for chub, dace, roach and grayling. This stretch runs downstream from the Fakenham Road bridge to the old railway bridge (now Marriots Way).

COVID-19 restrictions apply please keep up-to-date with Angling Trust and fishery guidance. Bridge Inn Fishery facebook page is here.

NUAC access to Bridge Inn venues is via arrangement with the owner and as part of this arrangement the following rules MUST be followed;

  1. NUAC member must have pre-booked their day's fishing as per booking instructions below.
  2. Only the NUAC member is entitled to free fishing, guests must purchase a Day Ticket from the bailiff on the bank.
  3. Members must carry their NUAC club permit at all times, and show it if requested.
  4. Please display your NUAC car parking permit when you park your car.
  5. Members must adhere to the fishery rules as stated below.

Fishery Rules

Any person found breaking the following rules will be banned from the fishery with no refund of Day or Season ticket money.

  1. The Lake, Ponds and river at The Bridge Inn are Private Property.
  2. All anglers must hold a current and valid Environment Agency Fishing Licence.
  3. Day ticket Holders are allowed to fish from dawn until dusk.
  4. 24-hour tickets for non-members are only available from Monday to Thursday. NUAC are classed as Bridge Inn members during their booking.
  5. All landing nets must be dipped in the bins provided prior to fishing.
  6. Night fishing and bivvies' are not allowed on the river.
  7. A maximum of 3 rods on the main lake and two rods on the pond and canal.
  8. Rods are not to be left unattended in the water.
  9. Please take ALL your litter home, check your swim before you leave.
  10. Barbed or Micro-Barbed hooks only on the main Bridge Lake, barbless hooks only on the ponds... Unhooking mats or cradles are compulsory. No bait boats. No Wading. No fires. No Dogs. No nuts..No fixed Leads....No Guns.
  11. No tree or shrub cutting and no damage to marginal plants.
  12. Pike fishing is only permitted on the main lake from October 1st to March 31st Strictly no livebaits to be transported to the fishery, no spinning, no Pike Gags or Gaffs.
  13. Under no circumstances are any fish to be removed or killed or introduced to the fishery.
  14. Please respect our fish - No Carp, Tench Bream or pike to be retained in keep nets. Carp, Tench and Bream may be sacked in suitable sacks for the minimum possible time for photographs. Please hold fish over unhooking mat/cradle whilst photographs are being taken.
  15. Please report all fish deaths or signs of fish injury to the pub as soon as possible. All fish, even when dead, remain the property of the fishery.
  16. Strictly no publicity of any kind without permission of the fishery, this applies to libellous or slanderous comments on internet sites and/or forums.

All we ask is that you are sensible and respect our fish and other anglers and present a reasonable standard of decorum. Under no circumstances will drugs, drunkenness abusive or anti-social behaviour be tolerated.

Disclaimer Anglers fishing at The Bridge Inn Fishery do so at their own risk. Anglers are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance. The owners accept no responsibility and are not liable for any injury, death, loss, damage or theft of property that may occur.

  1. Only 2 advance bookings can be in place at any one time for any member. Either two separate days or one consecutive two-day period.
  2. Whole day booking is from 08:00 on the first day to 08:00 on the following day. This enables overnight fishing on those venues where night fishing is allowed.
  3. If after 2.00pm on the day of any booking, there is availability on the following day, members are then allowed to book the following day as well. This would enable two consecutive night's fishing.
  4. If you are only planning a part day, please state the approximate period you would be on the water. For example if you were just going for the morning, we might be able to release the ticket to someone else who fancies going for the afternoon.
  5. If asked for a ticket, please present your NUAC membership card.
  6. Please ensure you have read the relevant fishery rules before fishing.

To book your place, please send an e-mail to

Please state your required date(s), time and venue e.g. Bridge Inn.

Please also provide a contact number so that we can speak to you if necessary.

Please note that there are only 2 tickets available per day.

Thank You.

Directions to Venue

Sat Nav NR9 5SE

Located in the grounds of The Bridge Inn, 2 Fakenham Road, Lenwade, about 12 miles NW from the centre of Norwich.

From Norwich outer ring road follow the A1067, Drayton High Road, signposted for Fakenham.
Keep on the A1067 through Taverham and on to Lenwade.
At Lenwade keep on the main road and cross river bridge (just after 30mph zone starts).
Turn right after the river bridge into Bridge Inn car park and bear right to track leading into car park adjacent to lake & river.